Umi Falafel

Right smack bang in the middle of a busy stretch of Dame Street, Umi Falafel is a well-groomed and cleverly branded late night canteen with a hint of casual dining. Me and my friend believe that Umi Falafel serves the best falafel in Dublin!

We spoke to Ahmad, one of the trio of Palestinian friends who are behind Umi Falafel, about their mission to highlight the humble falafel.

Market opportunity for falafel

“We felt there was a need for a falafel restaurant in Dublin. Lots of restaurants have falafel on their menus but no one specialises in them. We felt falafel were underrated and wanted to highlight them” shared Ahmad.

The owners of Umi Falafel are not keen on associating themselves with a fast food industry. “Our falafel is special because we make the mix every single day – it’s always fresh,” explained us the co-founder.

At Umi Falafel you can order different  falafel sandwiches such as The Palestinian, The Lebanese as well as to tailor your own falafel. There are also bowls of Middle Eastern and North African salads and sides of favourite staples such as humus and batata hara.

Vegan friendly menu

Vegetarians must be delighted with Umi Falafel. An entire menu dedicated to them! Falafel is vegan friendly as well and it’s great to add a new spot to the (quite short) list of places that cater well for vegetarians and vegans in the city.

The Palestinian sandwich comes in a round fluffy pocket of Palestinian bread stuffed with dark fried aubergines, humus, tomato, cucumber pickle and a side of perfectly piquant chilli sauce. The Lebanese is a wrap with tomato, cucumber pickles and flat parsley tucked inside and a sikly tahini sauce on the side. The falafel themselves are gorgeously crispy on the outside with a packed consistency on the inside. There are lots of great flavour in these little chickpeas balls and they’re vibrantly fresh. The Palestinian wins this particular falafel race – the bread is fluffier and the pocket pita effect gives this falafel a sense of occasion.

Currently, Umi Falafel restaurants are available in two locations such as Dame Street and Rathmines. Also, you can make orders online at

Price per a Falafel sandwich is €6. All side dishes and salads is €5 per plate. Go for it!

Umi Falafel Official Website

Have a look at the store below:

In case you’re wondering where the store is, check out the map below.



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