Kafka in Rathmines

Kafka is a restaurant in Rathmines. Its been a while since they opened their doors for Dubliners but I visited the place only few weeks ago. It was a sunny Sunday the first half of which I spent walking in Howth. Fresh air and exercises made me feel really hungry and I decided to have brunch on the way home. I checked places at Borrow street in Dublin but, unfortunately, all of them were closed. Becoming more and more hungry I went to Rathmines with an intention to grab sandwich at Umi Falafel. On the way to Umi I noticed a nice cafe with big windows and nice design. I managed to go inside and check out their menu.

Branch menu at Kafka

Me and my friend took a table close to the bar area as all tables near windows were already busy. The restaurant design pleased me with details, drawings on the wall and soft natural lighting. Whole atmosphere made me feel comfortable and happy.

In a day menu I found  soups, salads, sandwiches and burgers. Sandwiches were priced under €8, salads under €13 and burgers were around €12. After the long walk I wanted to have hot soup and some sandwich. So branch menu picked my attention. For the reasonable €10 you can get a vegetarian or a hearty soup, sandwich of choice and a coffee or a tea. I got excited and ordered vegetarian soup, Caprese sandwich and a cup of americano. Soup arrived in a satisfactory sized bowl, the taste was also good. Big Caprese sandwich made with fresh roasted ciabatta bread was divided in two pieces. All ingredients were so fresh that they literally melted in my mouth and I couldn’t stop eating. For me the portions were more than enough to get full.

If you think about a great branch at affordable price we recommend to visit Kafka.

Kafka website

As you can see, Kafka has a great ambience.

Web Photos (6)

Directions on how to reach Kafka


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